Trigo Run Feedback form (seperate from original updates page)

I do not know what topic to put this in so i put it here so ya’ll know my game trigo run and the updates its gotten yadayaadayada here’s a link if you haven’t

that aside you may be thinking there is no way for you to give feedback to the developer well you are WRONG introducing the Trigo Run Feedback/feature request /idea form

it’s a way for you to tell the developer (me) ideas/feedback for the game
you are allowed to fill out the form MULTIPLE times and i recommend that you do that because more feedback = more features added to the game at a faster rate.

here’s the form below

fill it out multiple times :slight_smile:

Hi @Kevin_Herod! Sorry to bother you again, but there’s no reason to share the same link more than once. The counter is now at 3 (excluding the link in your other topic).

the link for the survey was only posted twice, one of those links was a link to the trigo run project so,

They mean that the link is posted in this thread 3 times when it’s fine to just have the one :slight_smile:

sorry about that