Trigger Collision Events not firing

I’ve followed the tutorial for trigger events and have an entity with a rigid body colliding with another entity volume with a collision component. The volume has a script detecting when a collision happens. Nothing gets fired as the rigid body entity collides with the volume. Have I set something up wrong?

Here is the link to the scene:

Thank you.

Hi @noah_mizrahi,

From what I see you are missing a number of things to get this working:

  • You are using rigidbodies, that means you need to go to your project settings and import Ammo under physics.
  • Your Box entity has a rigidbody but for that to work you need to add and configure a collision component as well.

I think if you do these things your triggerTest script will report a collision.

I’ve imported Ammo and added a rigidbody to the box but I’m still not seeing any collision events fired.

Thanks for the tips. There must be something else I’m missing.

Hi @noah_mizrahi,

Your box’s rigidbody should be dynamic not static. Disable also your moveTest script, let it fall with the gravity and I think it will work.