Trapped Player Script

In this script I want the player to not be able to move for a certain amout of time when he is touching a certain entity

You start yourself, using the abilities you already learned, like onCollisionStart and using for example a boolean and if you get stuck you can ask help on the forum.


I bet if I use the reparent script I can make it so if the player collides with the entity I have chosen for it to move there.
Then I just have to figure out how to code time limits

You can check the topic below about how to create a timer.

I just have to swap the reparent script to make it so the beartrap picks up the player.

Reparent your player will not affect your player movement. Just use a boolean and block movement with that boolean. Personally I advise against this. It will look like the game is stuck and I don’t think it’s fun to wait.