Transparent Material's Shadow

Hello !!, I have a semi-transparent material but the shadow is allways dark, even if the opacity level is 0. Is it possible to have translucent shadows?

Thank you !!

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Hi @Diego_Lopez-Mobilia,

Try putting the blend type back to none and then use the alpha value, that will work with shadows.

Edit: Sorry my bad, I thought you were trying to apply an opacity map and have your mesh render the respected shadows.

For translucent shadows I think this isn’t something you can do right now.

Thank you Leonidas !!, but when I put the blend type to none, the alpha value slider dissapearsand and is 100% opaque :

I tried using a 20% white image, and none as blend type, but the shadow is the same:


Yes agreed, I’ve edited my message above, I was mistaken on my answer.

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Thanks, you are great !!! I will try taking the translucent parts as different objects maybe and disabling cast shadows for those …

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