Transparency of the object

Heyyo, im setting transparency of object to 0 through script, but the object can be seen, is there anything im missing to set the transparency to 0 so the object is not reflected in water?

do you call material.update() after you change properties on it?

Yes, it is called.


I should also mention, that water is also set to 0.5 opacity through script

Object is pretty transparent on other objects besides water. It only happens when camera is set to position where its is overlapping with water

Just found out when water opacity is 1 and not 0.5, then it doesnt happen

Is there something i need to set before setting transparency or we should consider this one as engine bug ?

It looks more like a render order issue in that case where order of render of transparent objects and cause issues like this.

If you put the water on an earlier render layer than the obstacle, does that fix it?

Sorry, i actually have no idea on how to achieve that? Could you guide me please?

Do you mean this?

Okay , it is fixed, in material opacity settings i only need to checkbox this : image
On object the opacity is set to 0