Transparency issue

Hello All,

I have a scene built on the AR demo project (artoolkit with hulk demo).

For some reason, I have some transparency issue.

I have:

  • camera feed
  • terrain mesh
  • transparent cloud over the terrain mesh

When I look on the cloud, I see the camera feed instead of seeing the terrain. I tried playing with the layers but without success.

arcamera script have a built in shader, can it be screwing the rendering order?


here is the marker


Any ideas?

Hi @memleak,

Not sure if directly related but it may be so, check the following issue request on github regarding transparent elements on top of the camera feed:

If you think it’s related try posting your findings there as well.

Thank you for the follow up. I did have this bug too when I played with particles. But in my current description, it seems to be different as there is a opaque mesh between the background and my transparent plane.

Hello !.. I am having the same problem… th transparency shows me the video image behind instead of only the opaque objects behind… Did you find a solution??

Thanks !!

Hello memleak … I found the solution !!.. you have to put in the blending mode “Premultiplied Alpha” NOT “Alpha” … with that worked fine my scene.