Translating text from English to Urdu

I want to translate English text into Urdu .Any Suggestions would be appreciated…!!

Hi @usama.jalal01 and welcome,

If you are talking about how to integrate localized translations with your PlayCanvas interface start here:

thanks @Leonidas I am currently using the link I am attaching below for my font

When I replace my font with his point no 3 I get this error .
The following characters were not found in the font file

I would look at the example here for RTL languages: Right to left language support | Learn PlayCanvas

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I have gone through with this project but the issue I am facing right now is of font .

You have to use a font that has those characters in. The errors are saying that those characters don’t exist in the font

ok thanks @yaustar I am trying . I’ll let you know if it works.

Hey @yaustar can you tell how can I implement point no 4 .

no procedure is mentioned how can I add this tool to my project . thanks

I don’t understand the question?

The tutorial you linked has a link to a tool that reverses the order of the glyphs for you to copy back into PlayCanvas.

We don’t recommend this as it doesn’t handle presentation forms and I would suggest that you use the RTL scripts from the project I’ve linked before.

when I use the given script for RTL , the words do not join in right way
when it write پاکستان
it breaks it into اکستان because the Urdu letter پ do not belong to Arabic language I think this only works Right for Arabic words.
I added letter پ in the font but the result I get is this پ ا ستا ن
thanks in advance.

You may have to find the presentation form of those glyphs and add it to the characters for the font to generate. It’s what we had to do for Arabic

If not, it would be great to have a bug report in the engine repro with a project example as it would be something we need to address? Issues · playcanvas/engine · GitHub