Trail Another Particle System?

Hey team,

I am working on a particle effect where a bunch of stars explode outwards from a location. I wanted to add a trail that follows the stars as they move. See the pink lines in the image for example.

Is this achievable with the Particle System? If so, how would I do this?


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A quick and quite dirty solution could be:
place a second particle system there and use the stretch value for the path

or wait for better suggestions here :grin:


Hi,@ed-spatialsauce maybe you could use the method in this example:
it uses custom shaders and procedual generated meshes to achieve the trail effect.


Cool example! But it seems if I followed this approach I would have to move away from using the particle system for the stars. I’ll definitely consider it though.

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Unfortunately, trails aren’t possible in the particle system at the moment.