Touch Sensitive

Hello everyone,

testing my game on different devices (PC, smartphone & tablet) I´ve noticed
deviant behaivor for touch events. I’ve tried some values for touch sensetive,
but it didn´t work to well. Is there a tool to setup sensetiv.
I’d like to measure first touch and set values after ?

Postman Game

Hi @Gurki,

Playcanvas provides a way to listen to various touch events like EVENT_TOUCHSTART, EVENT_TOUCHMOVE and EVENT_TOUCHEND. You could use them to measure time or distance from the first touch.

Take a look at the touch tutorials to see how it works:

Detecting a long press might a good place to start:

maby I’ve solved the problem by adding the fix for Chrome.
Tested on different devices but always with chrome :slight_smile:

Thank You for the Tip, I think I can make good use for the
long press tutorial in my next project :slight_smile:

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