Tools to build HTML app into native mobile app

Just thought I would post this here as we are all working on fully cross-platform (capapble) applications but I have not yet noticed any suggested route to take in order to build the HTML app into an .apk or iPhone or whatever.

Currently the best solution I have found is Ludei’s CocoonJS online compiler because it is completely free (even for commercial use) and does not require you to own an apple product to make apple apps. Only downside is that since it is built on their servers you have to wait a bit in a queue and must have internet access to use their service, and they have a rather scary terms and conditions that essentially lets Ludei do whatever they choose to with your code (including redistribute it under their own name royalty-free, a problem if you are building commercial software).

How about you guys? Any cool native app compilers for HTML web apps?

CocoonJS is great. We’ve had a good experience with converting PlayCanvas games to native. In fact we released Dungeon Fury on to the Google Play store last week using CocoonJS. We’ll be talking more about this in the future, but the process was incredible smooth.

Hopefully you’ve seen the documentation about publishing?

The main other way to deploy to native is using the Intel XDK, which we also talk about in the docs. I’ve mostly found it pretty smooth going. Though I’m still trying to figure out how to include plugins in the build.

Finally, for Pro user’s we offer an iOS download feature in your app’s publishing tab. With that you can download an XCode build ready to build and send to the App Store yourself.

All in all, things are looking good for wrapping PlayCanvas apps to mobile. Though you still have to be careful on the performance front.

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Awesome Dave :smile:

It’s nice to see a PlayCanvas game ported to other platforms.

Hello, Iker Jamardo, CTO at Ludei here. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. About the license terms, we do not redistribute your game anyhow. The statement will be changed to better reflect what we want to address with it: as you are uploading your app/game to our cloud, we do not want any responsibility in the unusual case our servers are hacked. All the compilations are erased after a short period of time of 24 hours (giving you some time to be able to download the results). We will never use your content to make any kind of profit without your consent.

I hope this erases any doubts of our service terms.

We have been in close contact with PlayCanvas to try to offer the best services and we will try to improve our integration with them so you can deploy mobile native products the easiest way possible still with the best performance in the market.


Hey! Refloating this post; I’m using intel xdk to package a game we are developing. It works perfectly when emulated, but when we Build and install it on our tablets, it gets stuck in the loading page. Any ideas what’s going on?

Does XDK provides remote debugging?

Yes it does, just trying it right now. But still same result.

Just seen the self hosting guide, (loading it on an Iframe or a web server), but don’t know how to apply that workflow to a Mobile App.

If it is stuck at the end of loading, it might be some exception, and remote debugging will allow to inspect that and find out what is a problem.

EDIT: Ok, updated the APP and now I can see the debug sesion:

It just stops, here are some screenshots:

And what Network tab shows? Any “long-loading” files?

There you go:network

And timeline

Interesting, looks like it even didn’t started loading any assets. You probably want to debug and set breakpoints inside engine to find out where it stuck. Good way to do so is to compare with running app from localhost that works.

well, it seems it doesn’t even start loading the scripts. I put several breakpoints and… nothing

Tried it on the online editor:

Local with Xampp

ANd then, intelXDK

THought there was something wrong with the project root files and so… but it works perfectly under the “simulate” tab. So… we’re completely blocked here.


We feel a bit clumsy… we’re trying and can’t even build… “problem generating your config.xml file”. Maybe there is something wrong with our project.