[TOOL] PlayGate - Extended standalone game and application editor for PlayCanvas toolset

Ohayo! ^^
I think that t’s time to introduce PlayGate to you, guys! :slight_smile:

DISCLAIMER: This is work-in-progress project in alpha stage - i’ve published source code at this point because of my need to get public feedback and sugestions.

PlayGate is my home-work project that will improve game and application development process by givin’ the possibility to usage advanced editor functionalities that (right now) are not implemented in PlayCanvas online editor, such as:

  • Real-time scene view manipulation (for example: you’ve written a script, such as SpriteAtlasRenderer and you want to see rendered sprite from atlas so ANY attribute modification done in editor is immediatelly visible in editor’s scene view (right now custom scripts does not completely visualize attributes changes in online editor));

  • Custom properties editors (right now you have only few types of attributes available to use in editor - PlayGate allows you to edit Arrays and Objects (dictionaries) and even very custom defined types also);

  • About custom editors: you can define them in two ways:
    a) JSON descriptor file with custom type properties definition (names and associated editors) - example: https://gist.github.com/PsichiX/87d3fa0f94b57b062fe1#file-customtype-editor-json;
    b) HTML editor file where you can put editor controls (HTML) and manage property value modifications by using editor API (JS) - example: https://gist.github.com/PsichiX/87d3fa0f94b57b062fe1#file-date-editor-html;

  • In near future you will be able to extend also entire PlayGate editor by adding custom menu items to PlayGate, adding custom building process stages in PlayGate editor (right now building process can be modified only from NodeJS file in PlayGate project directory);

Of course, there is something that right now cannot be done in standalone editor, such as: synchronized collaboration workflow (there is no public access to online editor API so maybe some day in future it will be available in PlayGate also).

Thanks for reading! (。◕‿‿◕。)
Btw. Here is some screenshot history of PlayGate development:

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dude this looks awesome. i’m downloading it now, will give u sum feedback later

edit1: hmm, i’ve managed to compile and running the editor now, is the editor fully functional? it doesnt seem to have any function like “create entity” in the hierarchy menu?

@cicerolee : right now realtime scene view and hierarchy manipulation is in progress - in this version you can play mainly with properties editors :slight_smile: