[TOOL] LWM - the way to compress high-poly PlayCanvas JSON model

Live Demo: https://playcanvas.com/project/358306/overview/lwm-model-example

What is LWM model?

It’s compressed binary version of PlayCanvas JSON model.

When can i use it?

In cases when you have high-poly model (more than 20k vertices) and gzipped JSON model does not fit the size limits of your application. Note that: for low-poly models, gzipped JSON model can be smaller than
it’s LWM compressed version.

Where can i find it?

Toolset with detailed explanation of usage can be found on Github: https://github.com/PsichiX/PlayCanvasLWM


Why LWM models have to be hosted on external server?
PlayCanvas Editor cannot currently upload raw binary files that are not supported by PlayCanvas asset pipeline, so for now LWM models must be hosted externally (with proper CORS support).

Why LWM converter tool can run only on Windows operating system?
LWM converter was written in C# so it needs .NET 4.5 platform installed on your machine, and for now the only OS that supports .NET 4.5 is Windows.

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This is very cool. Are you interested in exploring whether we can fold some of this technology into the mainline engine project on GitHub? We have been talking about developing a binary replacement for the JSON format for some time.

Hi @will! I’ve sent you an email about LWM integration :wink:
Cheers! ^^