Tips and Tricks

Some random tips and tricks to help you make the most out of PlayCanvas and the Editor.

First Tip:

You can see recently active projects in the Explore pages:

Get inspiration, offer help and learn from other users are working on.

Hello, i have been in the active projects and checked some, in monopoly the dice jumped out of table and keep falling endless…that must be solved but great job! :smile:

How do I…?

In the Editor there is now a little search box where you can search for quick tips on how to complete tasks.

Great for overcoming those frustrating little stumbling blocks. Let us know if there are questions you can’t find the answer too!

How does active work? What do you have to do to get your game into active?

You have to develop your game!

It’s shows projects that have been recently worked on.

Ok. Thanks! Working on fixing errors in Deadly Pong GUIs.