Timed Out blues

Ive got a timed out connection while working on a script … so I reloaded the browser and the file was corrupted and readable to 33% of its entirety… So I hit revert and now the file is EMPTY and SAVED D={

Is there is any way to get the file last copy made 24 hours ago before the backups get rewritten… I could potentially lost here thousands of hours D= THANK YOU PLAYCANVAS CREW

the file in question is called betuserinterface.js

Hi. Sorry to hear you’ve experienced some loss of your script.

  • What’s the project ID? (Or project URL?)
  • Have you any back up fork of your project made in the last 24 hours?
  • Are you an Organization account holder? If so, have you a recent archive of your project?
  • Have you published your app in the last 24 hours? If so, the script will be embedded there.

no back up since 2017 (My fault !!!)
Im the sole owner of the project
No I have not published the app

I wasnt planning to update until I was ready to publish the alpha, but If this service is part of the premium paid service, let me know , thanks

I’m very sorry, but we’ve been unable to recover that script asset. I do recommend using the checkpointing system to create save points for your projects. In addition, you can fork your project periodically or even download via the REST API.

We’ll investigate what could have caused this problem.