Tiling Issue on Plane

Hey all,

Does anyone have any idea why when I set the tiling to 2 on a PlayCanvas primitive plane, it looks like this? There is no offset applied. Here is the image:

and here are the settings:
Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 2.46.07 PM

Hi @Jake_Johnson,

Make sure your texture asset is set to repeat on the UV address property, like this:


@Leonidas thanks for getting back to me. It is set to repeat.

That’s strange then, can you share some more info about this specific texture?

Not sure what else can produce this issue.

@Leonidas I figured it out. If the texture resolution is not a power of two, then the texture cannot be tiled by the engine. Thats what I get for pulling something off google images lol

Aha, yes there are a number of limitations for non power of two textures.

I think if you select the texture asset you will get the relevant warning in the inspector panel.

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