TikTok game on PlayCanvas?

Hi, can we make TikTok game on playcanvas? I have not found anything related on both TikTok and playcanvas end.


Hi @Faiq_Laiq,

Not sure, but if they allow html5 content then yes, most likely you can.

Can you share some more info on that, either their dev docs and other tiktok games?

I can’t find documentation for making games on TikTok with a quick search.

Chances are if it’s possible to make a HTML5 game on the platform, you can. You may need to do some modifications on the final project build (which could be automated to make it easier) but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to do.

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Yes, I am also not able to find any documentation from tiktok end, about developing the game. Though I am looking into it.

Chances are that it’s still in a beta/testing phase for some developers where they can work out what needs to improved in the pipeline. Once the documentation is public, we can give you a more concrete answer if and how PlayCanvas can be used to make a gam on TikTok.

PlayCanvas has been used to make games on Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WeChat, Telegram so I assume TikTok won’t be much of a problem.

Hi @yaustar, I found this documentation and they are using js library. https://bytedance.feishu.cn/docs/doccnridhsjKshlNgpijot0aQtb#WrRlWZ

It seems PlayCanvas is the perfect candidate for that, you just need to provide them with your PlayCanvas build url.

They have an API for additional optional functionality that you can implement e.g. for screen recording, that I think you can add to your PlayCanvas project.


Interesting that they have the developer host the build rather than TikTok. I would have thought they would have preferred it to be on their CDN.