Thoughts on these textures?

Hello, I’m thinking of making a game called “Slime Jump” and I would like thoughts on the sprites I’m using for this game. Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s going to be a game where you have a slime character and he has to jump over those colorful things at the bottom (haven’t named them yet haha)

I took inspiration from flappy bird sprites.



Nice idea! Using the sprite editor you can easily create all of your sprites.

If you are asking if you have permission to use these textures, @will may be able to answer that.

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I think @ThePastaNebula just wanted opinions on the graphics. Looks nice to me. It should be fairly easy to re-skin the Flappy Bird project to use that sprite sheet.


I like the style, @ThePastaNebula! Very bright and colorful. Looking forward for the game :slight_smile:


I like the idea. What it looks like remains a more personal taste. Personally, I am reluctant to use many (bright) colors because in my opinion it quickly gets a bit messy. If I had to use a lot of colors I would keep the hue low and definitely not use a gradient unless you do this subtly and everywhere.

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