Third person initial rotation


Im new to playcanvas ,was playing around third person controller, i wanna know how to set initial rotation of third person player/controller to let user/model face at some different point at start/init.

@jojohert Hi and Welcome. You can adjust the initial position and rotation by either dragging or rotating the model in the editor or you can change settings here.


You may have to also adjust the camera as well depending on the effect you are looking for.

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Hey thanks for reply
I tried rotating camera axis entity that has camera and camera raycast end transform
Rotated the whole player entity
Still on loading the scene the player looks at same direction only.

@jojohert Hi just to verify what you are looking for. So where you able to see that if you moved player to a different location on the plane that it starts in that location?

If this works fine then I think you are looking for a camera angle or different type of following angle? Is this correct? Or are you looking for a scene camera to look at it from above?

Does one of these forum posts fit the question you are trying to answer?