Third Person controller needs update

I checked the Third person controller example project today.
and i find that it lacks Jump and Run controls.
like in most of the 3rd person games, we can Run while holding the shift and WASD or arrow keys.

it would be really great help if someone can upate the third person controller project with jump and run mechanics.
i am planning to make a open world 3rd person game. but i want these system for the player. currently i am working on the Art.

as i am non coder, it is almost impossible for me to make this system on my own :sweat_smile: and i want to focus on art only.

Hi @KarthikSpace! I think @yaustar or myself has already a Third Person Controller with jump ability. I will share it here when I found it.


Thank you! That would be Great :star_struck:

or Slurrpe Engine Controller but that’s beta

Looks good, thank you for sharing. @DerpySlurrpe but i guess it has some flaws.
i mean, when i move my mouse to look at the direction i want to move and when i pressed the forward key to move forward it doesn’t move in that direction . it only move towards one direction no matter where the camera is facing.

basically i am trying to say it doesn’t work like the third person controller sample.

Below the Third Person Controller with jump ability.

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@Albertos Thanks a lot, i got it. with this i can start prototyping my world and player. :smiley: .
it would be really great , if i had an option to adjust the jump settings with the parameter in editor. there is parameter for speed but not for jump.

can you edit it this sample and add jump parameter in editor?

go into the editor FIRST and then press play
do not play it from the page
play it from the editor
if not the case

use the other arrows on the keyboard

hold an arrow down for few seconds
i think there’s a delay with input

w a s d dosent work only the arrow keys

sure thanks i will try

Looking at the script of the project I don’t see where a jump force is applied. It looks like the project only shows how to add a jump animation at the moment.

I was working on a Third Person Controller with touch control. I will see if I can expand this project with your needs this weekend.


Thank you! that will be ok.
to start off the my third person game project. i need a 3rd person controller with ability to jump and run with adjustable parameters in editor. and also touch support . so that it can be controllable on phone as well.

this is will be more than enough, i guess. I already tested the third person controller and replaced it with my demo character i made. and it was working perfectly fine.

So, if it gets updated with above mentioned abilities and will become a complete third person controller. that anyone can use to start off their project.

really looking forward :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Hi @KarthikSpace, for this you may want to check out the Seemore Project, which has a really nice touch control mechanic.

x or z to jump

Its amazing. i already saw this. thank you for sharing. i also tested it on phone.
but here i am talking about the 3rd person controller touch support.

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