Third Person Character Move + Jump

Hello, Guys. I’m Hizard.
I have a question regarding the movement and jumping of a third-person character.

I want the final result to be similar to this post.

  • My initial attempt involved using the Rigidbody’s teleport method to move the character. However, when I added jumping to this method, the jump height during movement was too low.

  • Furthermore, when I tried to move after jumping, I got a slow descent.

  • After researching, I found that I needed to address this physically, so I used applyForce.

  • However, when using this function, the character doesn’t move.

Please help me a bit. I’m seeking assistance.

My Project : Overview | Dashboard | @TPC | PlayCanvas | 3D HTML5 & WebGL Game Engine
use this third person controller and add the jump functionality in it.


Thank you for your answer @techy_589

I also created my project based on this example.

However, in this example, due to the use of teleport, when I press W, A, S, or D after jumping, the character remains suspended in mid-air. How can I resolve this issue?

These examples use forces:

Most probably your force is too small compared to the mass of the player to have any visible effect. Try increasing it.

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Wow, Thank you so much ! It works good. :grinning: