Third person camera and movemnt

So besides my work on Asteral I am working on a fps multiplayer game and I want it to be third person any tuturials or ideas.

Hello, this is unrelated to your question but as a experienced game developer please only stick to one project, it really will help.

imm trying but its just i wanna stick to the simpple but i know i can do more .

Eventually you will know that you can’t, and by the time your projects have been stopped you will regret the time you had wasted. Again, please do not do more than one project, I’ve been down that road. Judging by your public projects, I doubt you can manage or even finish a project. I apologize if this comes off as hate towards you but this is just advice.

well btw thts my 2nd account but my real accounnt is this
and btw I made alittle game called rove .io so yea