There's no way to dislike a post on this forum

You can never dislike a post on PlayCanvas. You can only star them.

The ability to express negative reactions can create an atmosphere of negativity. I prefer to have a forum that’s positive and welcoming to people. If anyone ‘breaks the rules’ somehow, there are moderators who can help out.


Nice. just telling what I realized. Didn’t even realize that there was no dislike. No Negativity. :grinning:

Agreed. You do not need to dislike somebody’s post, as constructive criticism exists! Tell them what they need to do to make it better so you no longer regard negativity.

Also some people are very cynical and 99% cannot show optimism, so hate isn’t shown

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Btw @DevPlex01 how did you get the ball to go to the score/retry screen.I´m trying to make it so when the ball hits the sign it goes straight to the next level.But idk how you made the ball translate to the retry screen.If you know how you did it plz tell how so I can make it so instead of the ball going to the retry screen,the ball goes to level 2 and if you finish level 2 then it goes to the retry screen.

Please use PMs or your team’s internal chat messaging system for messages like this. Right now, it’s a random reply in a non related thread

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Sorry, I have a lot of work to do because of school and I’m also working on a project with a few friends so they can learn how to use PlayCanvas a bit better. Maybe I’ll have time in the next big break or on the weekends. Btw, you can send an e-mail using the forum’s mail section.