Theatre.js : how to animate multiple objects?

Hello everybody,
I have followed this example by @lexxik to use theatre.js in playcanvas. ( [PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine](https://lexxik example: theatrejs + pc) )

I understand the logic to animate one object but now I would like to programmatically add any entity which has a particular tag to theatrejs studio so I can animate them easily.

for example let’s say I have 4 different models (box/cube) and I give them the tag “anim”

 // I get all my 'tagged objects'    

        const entities"anim");
        // [...] I skip the basic theatrejs stuff [...] //

  // I create a "sheet" containing each objects and theirs props with this function
    function addObjtoSheet(obj){
       const getPropVec3 = (precision) => {
        return {
            x: t.number(0, { nudgeMultiplier: precision }),
            y: t.number(0, { nudgeMultiplier: precision }),
            z: t.number(0, { nudgeMultiplier: precision }),
    return sheet.object(,
            position: getPropVec3(0.01),
            rotation: getPropVec3(0.01),
            scale: getPropVec3(0.01),
            visible: true
    var objects=[];
    for (var i=0; i<entities.length;i++){


  // their I (should) have my "theatre js sheet" with all my objects 


But then I don’t know how to animate them and assign each object in the sheet to a “reel” entity in my scene ? If someone knows how I would love some help. Thanks