The UI button is opened for the second time after the editing is completed, and the position of the editing interface has moved

Why is it that when MY UI canvas is opened the second time, the position of the edit screen is different from that of the first time, but when it runs, the UI looks normal? Why?

Can you provide a small reproducible project of you issue please?

Sorry, that’s not a small project. Can you provide a smaller project that just shows the issue for people on the forum to look at please or at least the steps needed to reproduce the issue?

Oh wait, is the issue that it looks different in the Editor view then it does in the launch tab?

Eg these four buttons at the bottom here?

This is because the parent of these buttons doesn’t have an element component:


When I make the 2point entity an Element Group

The Editor and Launch page will be the same:

All parents of an UI element must also have an element component for the UI positioning to be correct

*my god. I see. Thank you very much

but,Why is it that after I add a UI element component to the parent object of a UI element, both the child object button and the parent object button are clicked ,can you tell me why?thankyou

Child and parent buttons can only be clicked at the same time

Sorry, I don’t understand

You click this button

Because the red button is a child of the white button so that the input area of the red button is also the input area of the white button.