The state of AR in PlayCanvas?

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I’ve been away from PlayCanvas for a while now, but I may have an opportunity to do a new project.

I’m working with a client who has an iOS app built with Unity and a website. They are basically identical experiences with the only difference being the option to view the products in AR in the app. This is done using Apple’s AR Kit.

Obviously, I’m thinking that we could get rid of the Unity app and create this experience with a single code base in PlayCanvas, but can anyone fill me in on how far we’ve come with support for Web AR or other means of AR in the browser through PlayCanvas?

The AR experience needs to have stable surface (ground) tracking with no markers and a high degree of precision comparable to AR Kit. We need to implement a measuring tape to make sure the products fit into the environment. And it needs to run in the browser on iOS since that’s the platform they’re using right now.

WebXR is not yet supported in iOS so you are currently restricted to using 8th Wall or Zappar for Android/iOS WebXR AR functionality in WebViews

Both services have runtimes for a number of renderers including PlayCanvas.

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I take it this means there’s currently no solution built into PlayCanvas for Web AR (on iOS) since we have to go to third party providers? I just came across Blippar which has PlayCanvas integration as well, so I guess my next step will be to take a look at these solutions and see if they measure up to the client’s needs.

That is correct. The solution that is built into PlayCanvas relies on the the WebXR API that is still in draft and not yet implemented on iOS.

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Just a quick follow up here: do you know if PlayCanvas supports the USDZ format that Apple is using for their Quick Look AR feature? It seems like a very clever way to get around the limitations of WebXR on iOS if we could export a PlayCanvas scene to this format. @yaustar

It does not, no. We are considering it for roadmap this year.

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Thanks! I would definitely be interested in that feature :slight_smile: