The Published Game is different from the Final Tested Game

Okay so, I tested my game using the Launch Button and it works perfectly fine but when I published the game it’s showing something different.

It shows my FPS camera

then 1 second later it shows a different angle of the camera

this is the build version

here is the editor version

Hi @chris_xigega,

Usually that happens when you select a different scene, as the selected scene, when building. Does your project has multiple scenes?

When publishing a new build you are presented with an option to select the active scene and also the scenes to include in your build in addition:

I only have one scene though

That’s interesting, are you able to share your editor url to take a look?

Here is the editor scene

the thing is I added a video in the game and this happened but when I remove the video it works perfectly fine and all I did was to follow the tutorial on how to put in the video

Do you get any errors in the console when running the build url? Javascript exceptions can potentially stop the execution of the thread, so the application may not fully load.

here’s what I got when launching the published game

here’s what I got when launching the debug game

Ah right, you need to enable CORS on the server that’s serving your video resource. That’s not related with Playcanvas, you will have to do it on your hosting account/service provider.

Btw as a side note, just to bring it to your attention in case you didn’t see to it yet:


13 million polygons are too many, even for native/desktop 3D applications. You should most likely optimize this if you are targeting a wide release of the app. Also the VRAM allocation being 1.7GB targets only high end discreet GPUs.

This looks like an issue on our end that we need to look at where videos can’t be used in published builds

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Fixed the example project at

What was needed is to set the video div crossOrigin

    // needed because the video is being hosted on a different server url
    video.crossOrigin = "anonymous";

    // set video source
    video.src =;
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Thank you very much! it worked!