The project is just a black screen

Hello I found out about playcanvas and i opened it but when i opened a project there was just
a black screen

please help i wanna make a game its my dream :smile:

if there is someon who could help i would be happy ( i have no ad blockers or something

Hi @Hank_J.wimbelton and welcome! Can you share a link of the project please?

here it is

It’s working normal on my side. Can you try to reload your browser or check the project in another browser?

yeah i could try to use something else
(thank you btw)

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Also try a restart of the browser / computer. Sometimes the WebGL context just crashes quite badly in the browser and it just needs a reboot

Are you running on a Chrome book or Windows?

I tried that so much i dont really think if that will ever work

its a chromebook

What version of Chrome are you running? There have been issues where some Chromebooks are running old versions of Chrome

where can i check what version im using?

Type this in the address bar


version 106.0.5239.0

Why is that higher than the current available version of Chrome :thinking:

I dont really know the reason for that!
is there a way to make the chrome version older or something?

Screenshot 2022-08-19 19.40.26

Somehow you are in the dev channel of Chrome

Use the Stable Channel: Switch between stable, beta and dev software - Chromebook Help

See if you get any better luck there

okay thanks

Looks like it is quite an old laptop too if it’s 32-bit too. That could also be the reason why WebGL is not working