The issue with failed to load resources

Something went wrong with loading resources in build mode. When I publish my project on PlayCanvas some resources loaded with status 403 and did not appear in my scene.

I will be grateful if someone will help me with that.

Can you expand out what resource/file it’s trying to load?

Do you have multiple scenes? If so, we’re they included in the published build by ticking them in the publish dialog?

Can you share a publish link please?

  1. It’s trying to load model.glb files.
  2. No, there is only one scene in the project.
  3. Sorry, I can’t share publish because it’s a private project.

Can you DM me a link to the published build please?

Sorry, I can’t share the published build because it’s a private project.

What does mean DM?

Direct message. As in send me a private message to the build

Files that weren’t loaded have some strange red icon.

Screenshot 2021-12-29 121423

Actually, I already resolved it by removing all these 4 files and then importing .fbx again.

But still, I want to know what went wrong.

Looks like the GLB didn’t fully get converted the first time round (the red icon mean ‘busy’) and and the actual file didn’t get added to the project. This would mean that it wouldn’t be included into your build.

The odd part is that I would have expected it to give you the same or similar error in the Editor Launch Tab as well.

Yes, it’s strange. In the Editor Launch Tab, it worked fine, without any errors.

Thanks for answering.

Actually, red means error and orange means busy :sweat_smile:

It looks like the fbx to glb conversion process failed at some point on a previous import

I see, thanks