The image of RendertoTexture is not optimal now

I use render to texture to render everything in a single position and that a camera with a fixed position can move 360 ​​without having to rotate along with the car. Because if he did he would keep pointing forward instead of turning on his local position. Sorry for the confusion. Is that I interpret it. Anyway, I’m very concerned about the quality of the image, someone can help me

Use a bigger colour buffer? You could increase it to 1024 x 1024 or even 2048 x 2048.

Not sure why you need to render to texture in this scenario. You can have the camera as a child of the car and use the mouse to change the local rotation of the camera.

It happens that I only want the camera to turn with the device turning (I’m only using the mouse temporarily). But when I make the camera daughter of Arm_Buggy. The camera with camera.js continues showing the rotation of the device in its global position and not local. I would love to be able to combine the 2 rotations (camera.js for vr and the inherited rotation of Arm_buggy)

Camera.js is applying the rotations in global space. Can’t see much of a reason why it couldn’t be applied to local space. The only line that worries me is this.entity.rotateLocal(0, 0, orientation); which I think can be mitigated by adding a new parent to the camera and applying that rotation to the parent instead of the camera or visa versa.

Thanks Friend. I think I’ve already tried, I’m not sure. Now I have a problem to test from my mobile device, but I will try.

I tried adding a parent entity of camera and child of arm_buggy but apparently, the camera keeps moving globally

I think that for now I will use a fixed camera camera.js.and I will move the floor to simulate displacement, I think it is the best way to ignore the processing weight of RenderTexture and I can also give realism even if the camera is moving globally .