The Forgotten game dev

Hi all. I started making a game called The forgotten one. My idea was for it to be a kinda breakout room, but in a valley where you lost your memory and you slowly figure out who you are, so you can go home. I forked the 3rd person controller, and, made a cool scene. but now, I have game developers block. Does anyone have any ideas?
Play the game and tell me what you think(please note, a lot of the stuff was a rough draft in Blender. please don’t judge my blending skills.)
Link:The forgotten one - PLAYCANVAS

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Here is the fork link. Feel free to fork it, make changes, and tell me about it.
Link:PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

I have to admit, this disappoints me. I waited for around 1-2 weeks, and nobody said anything or even forked the project. I expected this to be a little more interactive.

Hi @THENERDYONE and welcome! I’m not a fan of starting with a fork myself. I prefer to start with an empty project. Why you don’t try to make a game of it yourself?

Good point, but that isn’t my style. thanks for the first(real) comment on this

What do you mean with “that isn’t my style”? Do you make all models yourself?

@THENERDYONE Sorry you are getting your first replies. I guess when I had read it first it looked like you were looking for some team members to help out. Forum followers that have their own games and maybe help others as team members on the game. I believe there is a spot to do this on the forum but not sure. You could also publish what you have currently and make a comment that you are searching for some team members in the Dev Log for it. If there are some items specifically that you are struggling with then point us to that area and we can try to help.

I am basicly saying, if you have any good ideas, tell me please.