The Fallen Block Reveal Trailer

Hello! For anyone who is wondering what this is it is the reveal trailer for THE FALLEN BLOCK game that I made. I am getting so close now to completing this game I’ve been working on for quite some time now and I just wanted to make this to build hype for the game. I hope yall enjoy.

As said at the end the game is coming out soon but might be delayed for a while due to school. I am currently coming back from Christmas break and have some grades I need to fix so that I can continue to work on this project. If you are wondering why the trailer looks laggy it’s because I had to record everything on my school computer and chrome books aren’t built for screen recording :sweat_smile:.

Comment down on the youtube video with any ideas, opinions, or tell me what you like for me to improve the game!


Good job! Nice trailer! :ok_hand:


thank you!