The display of the 3D model in the editor disappears

The display of the 3D model in the editor disappears.

In the PlayCanvas editor, such a problem sometimes occurs.

The model’s visualization disappears from the 3D editing window, and in no way can it be returned back.
Moreover, if you select a camera, everything is displayed in its display.
So far I have found only one solution - to create a project archive, and then upload it.
But it is inconvenient.

Tell me, what could be the matter?

Could be the Editor view clipping the model if it’s REALLY big?

Try increasing the far clip?

If you can share the project, that would be great too.

Yes, I tried putting a lot of clipping in the camera. nothing.
The model is ordinary in size, on the contrary, it is possible to reduce the far clipping to 100.

Quite a long period of work on the project there are no problems. And then suddenly the model’s show disappears.
It’s happens periodically with different projects (but they are quite similar).

No, unfortunately, I can’t provide a link to the project, since the paid account belongs to the organization, and we work with them on the NDA.

But I am ready to provide you partial data from the projects if you have any questions on this issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you doing anything that affects any material opacities? Remember that when you change to opacity of a material that it affects that same material on all entities.

Also, did you try clicking on the “eyeball” while your item is selected to recenter the perspective view?