The Dark Monastery - a detecive game based on "The Name Of The Rose" and Cluedo board game

I think now I am ready to present mine and my friend Tomek’s game - The Dark Monastery.
It was made as ours graduation project. I can’t say it is finished as we have some ideas how to extend it but for now we have achieved all goals that we have set ourselves and in this form it is ready to present on diploma defence.

You are Adso of Melk, young franciscan. You and your master William of Baskerville are arriving to benedictine abbey somewhere in north Italy. One of brothers, Adelmo, was found dead. The Abbot asks for your help in solving the mistery…

Your goal is to find right combination of person, murder weapon and crime scene. You have to deduce it before arrival of inquisition.
Find possible murder weapons, they are hidden in different, not always obvious places.
Possible crime scenes can be recognized by blood splatters.
Talk to monks to add them to suspects and get some clues - but remember, the more clues you get from monks, the more points you lose. There is also an additional obstacle - you have to talk them in correct sequence. If you talk to ‘incorrect’ person, you will be redirected to the other one.
If you think that you know the right combination, come back to master William and make accusation. But be careful - incorrect answer will cost a lot of points!

Steering is simple:
W, A, S, D - walking as in most FPS games
Mouse movement - looking around
Left mouse button - select objects in inventory, clicking buttons (when pointer is unlocked)
Shift - toggle walk/run
L - toggle light
F - perform action (according to instruction on screen)
M - toggle map
I - open inventory
C - toggle clue log
H - toggle key help

On touch devices you will be able to use on-screen buttons. You can look around in two ways (switch with button with game pad icon): swiping on screen or using virtual joystick

Sorry for quite long loading time - game is now around 50 MB.

Play here: