The animation is not playing In mutliplayer Actor that Loaded dynamically

I’m facing an issue when playing animation to multiplayer characters . I created a OnlinePlayers entity and attach the script that add new players when joining the photon room,
This code below is called when new player joins the room

OnlinePlayer.prototype.create_player_model = function (data, userID) {
    let url = "";
    let filename = 'model_glb';
    var file = {
        url: url,
        filename: filename

    var player_entity = new pc.Entity();
    var asset = new pc.Asset(filename, 'container', file, null);
    asset.once('load', function (glbData) {
        var renderRootEntity = glbData.resource.instantiateRenderEntity();

        player_entity.setPosition(data.x, 0.25, data.z);

        console.log("this.entity : ", this.entity.anim);
        player_entity.addComponent("anim", this.entity.anim);
        console.log("player_entity : ", player_entity.anim);"OnlineIdle");;

        this.player_entities[userID] = player_entity;



When I console this line "console.log("player_entity : “, player_entity.anim);” the anim component is displayed in console with “OnlineIdle” animation in it but model loaded in the scene is not playing the animation .

What is the issue here? I don’t get any warning or error in console either. What is happen here?

Hey fam, I found out what’s wrong with my code and solved the problem.