Thank you for this amazing tool

Man I gotta say something
I’m in love with PlayCanvas :heart:
no other framework comes close to this
not even remotely close
It’s basically Unity for the web, but better
I specially like the real time updates. I can change the UI in the editor and see the changes in the editor, in real time
Just having an editor to make the UI is a time saver, but this real time feature is even better. It’s amazing
Plus, if there are errors it shows up on the screen and I don’t need to connect the phone to the computer
I don’t need to touch html/css either. This is the only framework I know of that completely abstracts that away
No longer I need to deal with CSS shenanigans to make the UI work on different devices. This just…works. Should have started learning PlayCanvas instead of Phaser3
So just wanted to say, amazing job @yaustar @Leonidas and everybody else involved in making this great tool.

There are just a few features missing that I’d love to see, which is timeline support, bezier curves(with timeline) and constraints support. I already made feature requests for all of these.