Textures are everywhere!

When I try to texture the walls it gets textured into a bunch of tiny squares plz help

You will need to unwrap, in a modelling app e.g. Blender, your wall model accordingly to have the texture fit the way you want.

You can also play with the settings of the material, but in this case this will only work if all your walls have the same size.



I cant download blender or anything

what do I change in the settings?

In your case I would start with tiling. Just give it a try and see what happens.


@Albertos The texure cuts in half how do I fix?

The setup of your walls need some improvement.

You use meshes with 3 materials for some reason. I think you can simply use a box primitive with only 1 material. The result is like below.

I see you currently downscaled the parent entity of your walls. Because of this, it’s hard to setup the collision for the walls. I wonder if this is a bug, so I will check this later. I suggest to use a scale of 1 for the parent entity of the walls.

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I tried that but it messed everything up :frowning:

I dont know what to do

You tried what? What is messed up?

If you give the parent a scale of 1, you can expect that it changes the size of all children too. So I suggest to use a new entity with your new walls. If you are done you can replace the old walls with it.

So I have to replace every single wall?

If you want to optimize your game, yes.

ok, my only concern is the doorways

You can keep them how they are if you think that’s better.

Do you think changing all the walls would be worth it?

I’m not sure, but I’m afraid it’s necessary if you want to fix the texture cut.