Texture only displays outside of model

The textures for my model display correctly, but when I enter the model, such as water, the texture is missing, and it appears invisible. This is my model, along with the materials:

It has water and an atmosphere, but when viewed from the ground, the atmosphere has no texture on the inside:

The black area underneath the atmosphere is displaying black (set as the color when nothing is in the camera’s view), but the texture works on the outside, displaying blue when the atmosphere is seen from the outside. I want the texture to display on the inside of the atmosphere/water texture as well. How can I achieve this? The editor can be found here."

Hi @Jacob_McBride2,

Most likely what you are looking for is to disable culling and have the triangles of your atmosphere render from both sides.

Go to your atmosphere material, to the last tab (Other) and set Cull Mode = None.

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Now the sky is displayed, and it’s beautiful!

But now there is another issue as the texture on the outside appears broken. (This is important as the texture is supposed to be seen on the outside/inside because it’s a game from space view/planet view)

Hmm, you may need to try a trick here given the model you are using:

  1. Duplicate both your atmosphere entity and material.
  2. Set to your first atmosphere material culling to back faces.
  3. Set to your second atmosphere material culling to front faces.

That way you will always see one side of an atmosphere.

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