Texture Offset & Tiling for Individual Maps?

I’ve imported some of my models, and the way I have the texture sheet set up is that each 64x64 is a different sub texture. I’m now importing multiple of the models, and trying to set it so that each segment may have a different offset compare to each other, but the Apply To All Maps toggle looks like it cannot be turned off. So changing the offset seems to affect all of the models using that material. Is this broken?

Could you elaborate on that? Just tested - switches off as supposed too. Then offset and tiling fields appear under each individual map.

k, I now see that, but it is still affecting all models.

I have 2 models which are the same, placed in the scene. I want to tweak 1. I’ve now turned off the All to All Maps, and have selected it as an entity material. When I have the Offset on one, it affects the other model. The offsets are not acting as individuals.

Maybe I’m seeing this as acting differently than I expect. I basically have a set of wall models, with materials on, The texture is set out as a 2k x 2k, with small 64x64 or 128x128 textures to apply. I wanting to change each individual wall but keep the same basic material if possible. Otherwise creating multiple materials will affect performance.

Materials are shared between models.

Although, material is just collection of data that then generates “parameters” that are used to be set on shader. Mesh can have own individual parameters as well, which can override shared material parameters.

So if you do something like this:

mesh.setParameter('texture_diffuseMapTransform', transform.data);

Where transform is Vec4, where X and Y are offsets and Z and W are Tiling.