Texture compression stalled?

I’ve been trying to compress some textures. Some of my textures don’t seem to have the option and another that did have the option has had an orange progress line underneath it for over a day.

Is there something I should be doing differently? I’ve simply checked all of the options and clicked Compress.

It does happen sometimes where compressing fails, and does not updates the status of the asset.
One way is to re-upload the texture, and it will change task state to normal, and then you can do your stuff again.

We do have some rare case of issue when it happens, and will investigate it.

Thanks Max, I’ll do that.

Is there some reason that compression options are not available for this?

Even if you re-select it? Seems like a bug indeed. What is the ID of an asset? Please do not delete it if problem persists, so I can debug it.

Yeah I’ve been trying for a while :slight_smile: Doesn’t work on reselection. The ID is 5798188

There are several in this project actually.

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Oh deleting and re-importing the stalled one worked thanks!

You could just re-upload.