Texture Compression Mistakes

I’m fighting with the texture compression. I have as a Lightmap a 2048x2048px jpg. It’s from Photoshop saved as: ‘Export As Save for Web (Legacy)’ with the quality 60. In Playcanvas when I compressed the jpg with DXT and watch it on my scene, there are several mistakes in the Lightmap. They look like this image
There are several pink strips on my Objects. It appears only when I compress the bitmap on Playcanvas. Without compression it’s all fine. I have to compress the bitmap on Playcanvas otherwise it is too big when I add much more elements and bitmaps to my scene.
Do you know a solution for that problem? I can’t find the problem mentioned anywhere else or maybe I’m just a noob in searching.

Hi @Moke and welcome,

Unfortunately GPU compression is lossy, so potentially you may get artifacts.

There is support for the new BASIS compression format coming, which also has a quality slider. From my experience that may help with artifacts.

Right now it’s in closed beta, @yaustar may be able to add you in so you can test it. Try sending him a private message.

Unfortunately, there is some artifact banding on some compressions. IIRC, if you use PNG and the texture is already a POT, you should get better results on the compression.

If you want to use BASIS, DM/post your PlayCanvas username and I add you to the beta.

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