Texture Clamp Problem

In our application users will be able to upload textures to a website that will be used for certain objects in the scene. When uploading the user can control how this texture will be applied (tiling and offset) but here 's my problem:

Users should be able to make their texture smaller than the object (in this case a simple plane) itself and place their Logo (or whatever) at any position. But using a tiling bigger than 1 and addressing the texture itself in Clamp-Mode results in this:

is there a way to get rid of the artifacts around the logo? so that the material will show its ambient color where theres no texture?

Here’s what the plane looks like with “normal” tiling (1,1):

Hi @jvAW,

I think the only way to do that is using a shader, overriding the diffusePS shader chunk.

There you will have to calculate the $UV coordinates for the image and then for the color and add them together.

Here is a helpful stackoverflow thread: