Texture black square artefacts

Hi everyone,

I’ve got this weird issue with a project of mine that is published and locally hosted.

We’ve got a support ticket of someone that encounters these black squares in the application on different meshes.



It is not consistent on what meshes it appears, it happens on all different shaders and textures.
But it happens consistently on this one persons computer. We can’t reproduce it on other devices.

We did end up to get the specific specs of the computer it happens on, and also got confirmation his drivers are up to date and it happens in Chrome and Edge all the time.
Here are the specs:

Personally I think this looks like graphics driver artefacts that somehow corrupts some textures, because the artefacts also have the same tiling of the material, but then it doesn’t happen on another mesh with the same material.

I hope someone here maybe has any clue what the cause of this could be and if there is a fix for this.

Thanks in advance for the help!

We’ve had some issues in the past with the Iris XE GPU causing weird issues like this: Banding artifacts with envAtlas · Issue #4195 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

It was later resolved by the user updating the Intel GPU drivers/being a drive issue on that particular iGPU

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@Gustav_Sterbrant Did you notice anything like this when you debugging previous IrisXE issues?

Hello @yaustar & @ArthySlappyInc!

That looks very much indeed like the Iris driver bug, please update your drivers and see if this issue goes away :slight_smile:


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If I’m reading that correctly, the date of the drivers is from 12/11/2020 which seems pretty old. Try updating with drivers from the Intel site: Support for Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

Looks like the latest is at least or above

Thanks for the fast replies!

Gonna try to get back to the person who has the issue to update the drivers.
You’re correct, after a closer look they are indeed not the latest.
Device manager wouldn’t update them, so will try a manual update.

I’ll update this thread when i got more news.

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I’ve finally been able to check the computer the issue was on.
I’m glad to report the issue is fixed with the latest driver update!

It took some tries because windows updates and intel’s own driver tool said it was on the latest version. :upside_down_face:
A manual install of the latest version fixed everything.

Thank you @yaustar and @Gustav_Sterbrant again for the quick response on the issue.

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Sweet, thanks for the update!

Useful to know too :eyes: