Text with Screen Component and VR


my question is simple.
I want to create 2D text for a VR application and I need to use the Screen Component. The problem is that if I use the “Screen Space” option, the text is rendered on the overlay buffer and is shown twice (one for each eye). The “World Space” option is not valid for me (for reasons that are not important now).

¿Is it possible to render only one of the overlay buffers in VR, so that I can use “Screen Space” text in VR?

You will have to render in World Space.

There is no way to do it in Screen Space?

In World Space I cannot make the text appear always in front of the camera in VR, which is what I want to do.

If I add the Screen Component to the camera, the text is shown in front of the camera, but only in non-VR mode. When VR is enabled, the VR script (I use the web-vr-ui.js from an example) does something with the cameras, and the text is no longer attached to the camera.

It’s arguable that in a VR environment, there’s no concept of ‘screen space’ as everything must have some depth in the world

Attach it as a child entity of the camera. That should work. If not, can you create a simple sample project of the issue and post a link to it please?

I have tried to attach it as a child entity of the camera, but it does not work properly.
The text is not shown in front of the eyes of the user as I expected (at least not in the VR mode, in the non-VR mode works but I need it in VR mode).
I use an HTC Vive for the test.

This is the test project.

My understanding is that should work. Looks like a bug with the screen component (no idea why or how it disconnects with the camera :confused: )