Text Input Field in PlayCanvas

I want to know, is there any component in playcanvas UI to take input from user in text field.
If not please share suitable solution along with the blinking curser when user clicked on input field.
I have seen some solutions but they are not working properly like
-They don’t have blinking cursor
-They don’t support Tab functionality to go to the next input field.

Hi @Faisal!

Below are the only two text input solutions I’m aware of.

Thanks for replying
I have purchased Aphrodite Starter kit, but it has some problems
-When multiple input fields in one screen its behavior is not accurate
-No blinking cursor.
-No Tab functionality when multiple input fields.
-If need to change in middle of text, I have to delete text from the last till the required position reached.

That’s a shame. Maybe you can submit a feature request to the developer.

It would be nice if such functionality is integrated into PlayCanvas, but I don’t see this happening in the short term.

Yes , I agree there should be a stable component.