Text Element Outline Color

I have what I believe is a simple question but I can’t figure it out. I am trying to modify the color element of a text components outline instead of just changing its color.

I tried this.object.element.outlineColor = new pc.Color(198,0,84);

but no change occured. I’m not sure what its supposed to look like. Can someone help me lol.

Hi @aperez440,

If that’s the issue: pc.Color expects color ranges from 0 to 1, so make sure to convert your RGB color to that.

this.object.element.outlineColor = new pc.Color(198 / 255,0,84 / 255);

Hey @Leonidas thanks for the reply. I actually have it working as I typed above, I had just forgotten to out an outline thickness that wasn’t 0 so I couldn’t see it lol.

Your help was appreciated.

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