Text Element - bullet point

Hi there!

I’ve a question about the text element. I want to use bullet points and the text should be inserted - also when using second level bullet points. Is this possible / taken into account in PlayCanvas?

I will have to load differend texts into a predefined container, and its content will variate - so i have to know how to achieve formating text in case i have enumerations (text will be loaded by code / predefined strings).

I attached an image so you have an better idea about the topic i could not find a solution for in PC. Text (black bars) behind bulled points should have an offset / inserted (see red line)


Thanks for your inputs! :slight_smile:

It might be possible just using text alone. Keep track of the indent needed.
When zero, add 'o<space>' in front of text.
When 1, add ‘<space>-<space>’ in front of text.

Does that work for you? Depending on the font you pick, you might be able to find special indent characters for each level you need.

Hi Adrian,

thanks for your input - it seems that playcanvas doesnt support < ul > or < li > elements with the text element and you indeed would have to format it manually… but if you have a lot of text this can get very frustrating and think about breaking points, etc.

@mvaligursky do you may know whats the best practice in this case?

I see differend methods to create ui in Playcanvas - using html / css scripts and using the editor elements. but can there be a connection between those two? I mean i dont define some kind of class or id for elements placed within the editor. And it seems, that those text elements dont support html tags either.

Thank you very much!

There is no built-in method for bullet points or other Word-style formatting. You would have to create your own system that handles it.

Will this be released in further editor versions? I think the basic html formating should be a standard for a web based / targeting enigne?

We have some related requests already: Issues · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

But considering those were not developed yet since they were requesting, I would not expect the bullet points to be added in the near future. But please do create an issue.