Text-based "hello, world" example available?

I’m looking for a tutorial/book/course that starts with an all-code approach. Am not smart enough to get up to speed with IDEs quickly but can sort of muddle through with pure code in a pinch. Imagining some kind of HTML page with a link to playcanvas-stable.js in a script tag, a canvas tag with application-canvas, then another script tag with a bunch of code that sets up the app, scene, camera, etc. Like the ones in the github examples directory. Is there such a book, or do I just need to plough through the examples directory? Thanks much. PlayCanvas looks stupendous.

Oh. Oh. I finally resorted to the online editor in desperation and saw that it’s easy to get to the HTML & CSS source. Would still prefer a written course because it works most efficiently for me but now I see how to get jump started if no such course exists. [edit: changed restored to resorted]

Thanks but no, I’m looking for a code-only approach. The manual takes UI-based approach but I just want to work with a text editor.

the engine without editor is open source on github, sorry dont have the link

I’m afraid the examples directory is probably the best you are going to get for a pure code point of view.

The API reference will help to dig deeper on what’s available:

The User Manual and project samples on the main PlayCanvas website are still useful once your worked out how to setup the scene just through the engine as the same code applies.

Will has a bunch of CodePen samples as well if you want to play around in a sandbox environment. https://codepen.io/playcanvas/

Thank you. Will’s examples are good.

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