Text appearing over everything else

Hi, I have a question in general about using text (3d) in playcanvas. Whenever I use the text, even if there is a model in front of it, I can see the text through it. It is as if the text is the first layer in the scene, haha. Is there a way to turn this off? Probably either has to do with an option in the component or my wall being too thin. Can;t seem to find the problem though. As always, thanks for any help!

Is there also a way that I can add a new line (like hitting enter on a keyboard) in text? Can’t find out how, and markup seems to be broken. (not working). This project is due tomorrow so any help would be so so so so much appreciated. Thanks!

Never mind this stopped happening. So sorry if you wasted your time trying to help. Thanks.


Are you using a 2D or 3D Screen UI element by chance?
If so the Screen element will automatically force any hierarchy children to be overlayed in-front of the active camera.


If you’re using a text-object just do SHIFT + Enter while your mouse-cursor is active in the text-input window to produce a line-break at the cursor’s location.



If you’re using raw HTML/CSS to display your text. Use the -


tag to indicate a line-break.



you can change the layers of the scene and put a layer that renders first to the models and another one that renders to the ui. Layers | Learn PlayCanvas