Testing on multiple browsers and device types

I am working on a demo project that needs to work on android and ios phones as well as desktops. So far things are going smooth on all but ios. As a PC user, what is the best way to test what is going on when running a iphone?

I was using Browserstack, helped me a lot!

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

I’ve been using crossbrowsertesting.com. Just looked over the features in browserstack.com and they seem pretty much identical to crossbrowsertesting.com. I wonder which one is better overall? :slight_smile:

I run on the real ios devices after publishing.
It is the most simple fastest way to understand problems.
If you want watch console log on ios devices, connect mac by cable and use web inspecter from developer menu on MacOS’s safari.
The web inspecter is so powerful.

Unfortunately, Apple likes to make their platform very closed.
So the only way to properly debug iOS device, is to plug it to Mac, and use remote debugging feature in the browser.

Thanks all for the tips.

Does this require a developer’s license as it does to develop apps?


You can debug and develop with browser on Apple platform without any licence required.

Ok, That’s good.

I might have access to a Mac. I am trying to check all my options.

Thanks Max