Test room for configuration Google cardboard

Hi! I am working on a VR project. I successfully integrated the polyfill so that VR works correctly. I noticed that only two default profiles are available in the browser, it is Cardboard I/O 2014 and Cardboard I/O 2015.

For Android, I found an application that allows you to configure glasses. I decided to do something similar in my project so that users could adjust any glasses. I did it - https://playcanv.as/b/J51hcdUK/.

However, the room in which the settings for glasses take place is important. In this regard, I have such a question. Can I use the current room to configure the glasses, or should I build the room in which the glasses will be adjusted? If so, where can I find the requirements for the room?

Here is an example of the room in question:


As far as I know, the room shouldn’t matter as long as there is something to check their version against.

Eg, an object that is close and one that is far away. A long object that is full horizontal and full vertical. A regular shape like a sphere.

Do I understand correctly that the room can be any. However, there should be reference points on which to rely. For example, a wall in the form of a grid?

Maybe a nearby object that’s a different colour to test focusing on close objects too

Ok, I’ll try it. Thanks.